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Sell your property efficiently

Choosing your estate agency

It may be easy to sell your property but selling under the right financial conditions is a skilled job.

In order to sell in the best financial conditions, you need the right professional and the right working conditions.



A good valuation is composed of two figures: 

A low figure which corresponds to the minimum price a property will fetch under poor circumstances.
A high value which corresponds to the maximum price a property will fetch if sold under ideal circumstances.

A poor valuation is once which overvalues a property. This leads to a loss of potential contacts, an extended time of sale (..due to the time lost before the property returns to it's ideal market value) which itself leads to the devaluation of the property (..the property has been for sale for so long potential purchasers are disinterested). Finally, it leads to a laborious sale and ultimately a disappointing price will be achieved.


Putting your property on the market

As for all projects, the sale of your property will come from a solid action plan and good preparation.The better the plan and the preparation, the greater the result.

We are at your disposal to provide you with a tailor made and appropriate action plan.